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NeuroTau is a private biopharmaceutical company developing medicines targeting mechanisms based on the new understanding of pathophysiology of neurodegenerative disease.  NeuroTau Inc has adopted a completely new approach that is unlike any other company, identifying targets and events that are “upstream” of the final toxic products. NeuroTau therapies can intervene early when the functional damage may be reversible or even preventable and play an important role in the pathology of neurodegenerative diseases with significant unmet medical need. 

Our mission is to identify and clinically study repurposed therapies that target this new approach and rapidly develop additional, new molecular entities as optimized treatment approaches for neurodegenerative diseases, particularly rare ones, with a commitment to meet human needs as our priority.   In the process, we will build company and shareholder value that will allow us to innovate further and help even more patients (and their families and caregivers) suffering from devastating neurodegenerative conditions.

Please reach out if you have interest in partnering or investing with us on this important scientific and clinical journey.

Nasser Zawia


(401) 243-7273

Daniel Brennan

Chief Business and Operating Officer

(847) 691-1987

NeuroTau, Inc. is a biotech company, formed in 2017, that focuses on developing drugs that target the disruption or decay of the important neurobiological protein called Tau

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